Frequently Asked Questions

What's the number one thing Rotarians who are interested in joining Beyond Borders Rotary eClub should know?

Members are encouraged to engage in and share information on forum postings about the service projects they support within their community.   This demonstrates a tangible commitment to our ideal of service. The range and variety of service projects reflect the diverse community interests of our members.

Is it just an answer for quick make-ups or do you offer more?

Beyond Borders Rotary eClub functions as a full-service Rotary Club in every aspect of its management and activities, except that we do not meet for a meal, and our meetings operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On any day, visitors can select from many meeting programs (articles) ranging from Rotary information, case studies of successful service projects, news about our club activities, tips and hints for Rotary Clubs, and a personal growth department for Rotarians.

Who are your members?

All members are Rotarians who sought membership of Beyond Borders Rotary eClub because their professional commitments precluded them from participation in traditional “terra” (land-based) Rotary Clubs. Several of our members travel constantly. Their membership of Beyond Borders Rotary eClub gives them access to their eClub anywhere there is an Internet connection, or a local Rotary club meeting.

As you are an international Rotary Club, do you have a home District?

Yes, Beyond Borders Rotary eClub is Satellite club of Kearney Dawn Rotary Club in District 5630, Western and Central Nebraska, USA.  Our members may reside throughout the world.  All meetings, club business and club projects are conducted in English.

How does Beyond Borders Rotary eClub support the Rotary Foundation?

Beyond Borders Rotary eClub encourages members to support the Rotary Foundation.  There are many ways that members may contribute to the support of the Annual Fund, Polio Plus, and the Permanent Fund.

How can you have any fellowship in Beyond Borders Rotary eClub?

We have a weekly fellowship meeting through our Fellowship Forum on our website. Also, with email, voice over IP, teleconferences, collaboration software and face-to-face meetings, we strive to be a cohesive group of friends who share.


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